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College of Arts and Letters | Michigan State University

Prizes and Awards

On an ongoing basis, the Philosophy Department offers the Hall-Hanna Research Travel Scholarship to help defray the costs of traveling to a philosophy conference to read a paper.  To apply, contact Professor Nails

The Philosophy Department offers two distinguished annual awards:

1. The Lewis K. Zerby Prize for the best philosophy essay written by an undergraduate student at MSU. The winner receives $250. Past winners are:

2015 Willy Penn
2014 Timmy Matsamakis
2013 Jennifer Carmichael
2012 Jordan Ueberroth and Evan West
2011 Christopher Klerkx
2010 Caitlin Wylie
2009 Karl DeVries
2008 Abelard Podgorski
2007 James Schwartz
2006 Benjamin Osborn
2005 Bradley Jackson
2004 Joseph Slowik
2003 David Hinkley and Mary Krizan
2002 Luke Manning and Michael Sutherland
2001 Timothy Carmody and Analisa Herwaldt
2000 Timothy Carmody
1999 Trevor Koski and Matthew Sweet
1998 Nicholas Diehl
1997 Kathryn Anne Socie
1996 Richard Trimm
1995 Marguerite McDermott
1994 Edison Strong
1992 P. Michael Spagnuolo and Jennifer Addy
1991 Douglas Barrow
1990 Kathleen McGarvey
1989 Cynthia Bellew
1988 Christopher Weiss
1987 Timothy Sommers

2. The Martin Benjamin and Bruce L. Miller Award for the most promising student at an early stage in philosophy.  Past winners:

2015 Prratek Ramchandani
2014 Olivia Jamrog
2013 Josh Sietsema
2012 Jennifer Carmichael
2011 Ben Malburg
2010 Lisa Ossian and Christopher Klerkx 
2009 Ania Pathak and Mark Bogner
2008 Casey Butler
2007 Karl DeVries
2006 Athena Murray
2005 Jason Neale and James Schwartz
2004 Andrew Cuda
2003 Sara O’Donnell
2002 Jacob Vanderkolk
2001 Marshall Poole
2000 Robert Hornbacker Jr.
1999 Kelin Anne Emmett
1998 Sarah Haviland
1997 Trevor Koski
1996 Jeremy Heis
1995 David Wilson
1994 Marguerite McDermott
1993 Christine Poole
1992 Jason Clower
1991 Roland Racevskis
1990 Todd Wilson
1989 Jason Cline
1988 Christopher Weiss