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College of Arts and Letters | Michigan State University

The Philosophy Major

Bachelor Degree Requirements

University Requirements:

1. 24 credits in Integrative Studies

2. Mathematics course

3. Tier I writing requirement (4 credits)

4. Tier II writing requirement, must be satisfied by completing PHL 492 or 499

5. Total of at least 120 credits


College of Arts and Letters Requirements

1. 30 credits at the 300-400 level among the 120 credits required for graduation.

2. Two cognate areas, satisfied one of three ways:

        a. Another major (counts for both cognates)

        b. A minor (counts for both cognates)

        c. Two 12 credit cognates

3. Capstone requirement (PHL 492).

4. Second year competency in a foreign language.


Philosophy Department Requirements:

1. A total of at least 36 PHL credits, including:

2. At least three courses at the 400 level (in addition to PHL 492)

3. The senior seminar PHL 492 (offered Spring Semester only)

4. History of Philosophy: PHL 210 and PHL 211

5. Logic: PHL 130 or PHL 330 or PHL 432

6. Value Theory: PHL 340 or PHL 350

7. Epistemology and Metaphysics: PHL 418 or PHL 420 or PHL 460 or PHL 461 or PHL 462 or PHL 480.

NoteAll philosophy majors, whether primary, additional, or secondary (dual-degree), are required to satisfy the College of Arts and Letters Requirements.  Additional and dual-degree majors are considered to satisfy both cognate requirements by means of their non-philosophy major.  The most important requirement to plan for is the foreign language competency requirement. 

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