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Financial Aid


Each year the Department sets aside a number of Graduate Assistantships for entering PhD students (we no longer offer graduate assistantships to entering MA students). In the current academic year, graduate assistants received a total financial package of at least $21,523 for a level 1, ½-time assistantship.   This package includes a waiver of up to nine credit hours tuition each term, health insurance coverage, and for out-of-state students, waiver of out-of-state tuition. College , University, and Departmental Fellowships are available also. Students recruited with assistantships may expect a minimum of five years of support so long as they make satisfactory progress in their studies.


Assistantships are usually awarded for the following year by the Graduate Committee late in March. In the case of new students, decisions are made on the basis of their previous academic work, letters of recommendation, and relevant experience. Continuing students are assessed on the basis of their academic progress in the program as indicated by grades, faculty evaluations of course work, and timely completion of program requirements.

Courses that typically have assistants:

  • PHL 130 -- Logic and Reasoning
  • PHL 200 -- Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHL 344 -- Ethical Issues in Health Care
  • PHL 354 -- Philosophy of Law


The Philosophy Department also places graduate assistants in IAH "B" courses that philosophy faculty members teach:

  • IAH 221A -- Great Ages: The Ancient World
  • IAH 231A -- Themes and Issues: Human Values and the Arts and Humanities
  • IAH 231B -- Themes and Issues: Moral Issues and the Arts and Humanities
  • IAH 241B -- Creative Arts and Humanities: Philosophy in Literature


The department seeks fellowships for incoming students from The University Distinguished Fellowship and the University Enrichment Fellowship. More information on these fellowships is to be found here.

The Graduate School website has links to further information about Fellowships/Funding/Financial Aid.

Other Funding Sources

A wealth of resources related to grants is to be found here.

More information about graduate funding (fellowships, assistantships, etc.) is to be found on The MSU Graduate School web pages.

Graduate Employees Union

Graduate assistants and other graduate student employees of the University are covered by a contract negotiated with the Graduate Employees Union.